New York modern folk band Sonic Belle breathes new life into old school folk

Sonic Belle, powers up the folk vibe with synthetic sounds over driving rhythms and beautiful three-part vocal harmonies, while keeping the messages up front.

The new Sonic Belle CD, “Speck of Dust”, due for release early 2014, playfully pushes emotional buttons on topics of today via wit, sarcasm and kindness.

From contemplation to controversy, money worship to environmental destruction, tech vs community to the challenges of parenting, “Speck of Dust” is a roller coaster journey of heart fluttering to heart pounding.

First Single Release

The first single “Lambs to Slaughter”, cowritten by Sterling Campbell (B52s, David Bowie) and ft. guest emcee, Rise-Ascend (aka Ankh Amen Ra) shines a vivid spotlight on the crime of live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners in China – a cause close to the hearts of all the band members.

In 2001, Belle and Kay traveled to China’s Tiananmen Square, where they were arrested and deported for holding a banner in support of human rights in China. Belle was later named a “Woman of Conscience” by
Amnesty International Australia.

“Belle’s soothing voice brings awareness to one of the biggest atrocities of this century,” wrote The Epoch Times. “Lambs to Slaughter” is available now via global digital distribution, specially mastered for iTunes.

About Sonic Belle

Formed in New York in 2011, Sonic Belle is made up of Belle (lead vocals), Nemo Rebic (guitar) and Kay Rubacek (synth/keys). After the successful release of Belle’s solo debut album, “Never Too Late” (2011, Ingenious Records), Nemo and Kay formed the support band to tour the album at New York venues, including The Studio at Webster Hall and Bethel Woods. After a year of performing together, they began writing and recording “Speck of Dust” under the band name, Sonic Belle.

Both Belle and Kay were born in Australia. Born in Serbia, Nemo left the war-torn country to study guitar in Amsterdam and later India before coming to New York in 2007.

The Sonic Belle Mission

Sonic Belle consciously chose to create in the genre of modern folk music as an alternative to today’s pop music culture. The ever-evolving “Modern Folk Manifesto” written by the band gives a framework for the social context and art of their music. It defines the purpose of modern folk music as being:

  1. An honest voice for the issues affecting the people of our time
  2. A positive influence upon society by inspiring hope for the future and encouraging change for the better
  3. To respect our society, our environment and divine forces greater than us

Sonic Belle’s “Speck of Dust” CD will be available for purchase online at in and at local Sonic Belle shows early 2014.