[pullquote_left] “It’s almost like you want to cry when you sing… It’s so beautiful… I love that because everybody’s so concerned about hiding everything. But it’s not about hiding, it’s about showing too, I see that with you. It’s very, very touching.”  ~The Sissy Gamache Show on MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network) Watch the Live TV Performance [/pullquote_left]


Tish Ciravolo, President and Founder of Daisy Rock Girl Guitars: “Belle is like listening to the truth in a very compassionate way. You want her to be your best girl friend that you have confided all your secrets to and have her tell you how your life is really going…In a nice and caring way.” Read Press Release.

John Smithies for The Epoch Times: “There’s an inner purity and deeper meaning to this redemptive debut that elevates it beyond others in this mainstream genre.” Album Review: Belle – ‘Never Too Late’

Gia Scott, Exogeny Network, Listen to the Interview.

Masha Savitz for The Epoch Times: “‘Never Too Late’ is a compilation of songs fueled by both a melodic and social substance, where Belle’s sometimes melancholy but always hopeful voice resonates on a deep, personal level.” Debut album ‘Never Too Late’ stands for beauty and justice

Big Scott, Radio Cardiff 98.7FM, Wales: “I think the world will absolutely enjoy it! …It’s really good to see that somebody else in the world has actually got the nerve and the mettle to stand up and say something [about Falun Gong] on a big stage.” Listen to the Interview.

Daniel Clarke, Folk Lounge: “Never Too Late is an up-beat / accessible album with lyrics that carry a heartfelt, honest message.” Read the review.